New Era Of KC Street Racing

It all happened when people told us you can’t and you don’t know what you're doing but  also the ones that told us we can do it! We took all the time we had and we started putting all of our heart and brains into creating this. We went from racing on the street to creating the idea of turning that into legal ways, but yet to also have more fun. We began brainstorming, talking, creating , asking people for help and doing as much as we could to get this going. We turned from not really knowing what to do into Kcstreetwars. This began to grow faster and faster everyday As a community, as a team. Believing in something bigger than ourselves.when all a sudden it felt like it was in the blink of an eye and it was here and we are headed all the way to the top and now nothing will compare to the experience we have coming up for KC.

Crowd in Stands
Race Car
Checkered Flag